Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential in ensuring that your heating & cooling equipment runs efficiently, dependably, and on demand, providing comfort when you need it! That’s why we invite you to join Marcucci’s Comfy Club! Since 1952, right here in Redwood City, Marcucci’s Comfy Club members have enjoyed peace of mind knowing their heating & cooling equipment is serviced annually by a local, certified, and reputable HVAC contractor.

Get Comfy! AND SAVE 10% OFF ANY REPAIRS! As a member of the Marcucci’s Comfy Club, you will receive 10% discounts on ANY repairs needed. Those savings can add up quickly, and that’s money back in your pocket.

Get Comfy! AND SAVE MONEY ON ENERGY REPAIRS! Annual maintenance helps ensure your furnace, AC or heat pump is running as efficiently as possible, which means lower energy bills for you. You may not even be aware of some inefficiencies that are costing you real money each month in utility bills.

Get Comfy! AND AVOID UNTIMELY BREAKDOWNS! Emergency repairs are not only inconvenient, they can also be co$tly. Having an annual maintenance plan helps you avoid these emergencies by finding – and fixing – smaller issues before they get bigger, more problematic, and eventually take the system down. Get Comfy! Join The Marcucci Comfy Club Today!

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