Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Everyone of us wants to have our appliance to last a life time with no repair or maintenance, but that will be impossible. Just like human beings machines needs proper maintenance to have a long healthy life. Calling professional air conditioner technicians is always best to make your air-conditioner on top notch condition but sometimes we need to know at least to make sure that we are using our cooling appliance the right way. Please read some tips that we can share on how to lengthen the life your unit.

1. The air filters is a vital part of your air conditioning unit. Normally filters are replaced every month or every twice a month depending on the use of your unit.

2. A dirty air filter is can make your air-con maintenance very costly for a dirty air filter will have pollutants that might go to vital parts of your air conditioner if left uncleaned.

3.Another important part of the air conditioner is it’s compressor. It compresses the air of to make the air cool and refreshing. There is an oil used to make the compressors life longer so be sure to clean and maintain this essential part.

4. The evaporator coil is used to convert hot air to cool air. So if you replace this it will improve the air flow of your unit.

5. Air ducts where air passes should also be cleaned from dusts so air will be a lot more cleaner.

6. If you guess that your unit is in trouble do not hesitate to call your trusty technicians and they are always more than happy to help you out.

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